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I'm married with six grown children and fourteen grandchildren.  I'm also a great-grandma . Two of my granddaughters have blessed me with a great grandchildren.  I live in Northeast Ohio with my husband and I enjoy quilting and embroidery, especially the combination of the two. To me there's nothing more fun than curling up with a good book, unless I'm writing one -  especially romance or mystery, and a combination of the two is my favorite.

I taught two  classes on writing at our local Community College and  several courses at Long Story Short School of Writing. .



Writing is my first love. I've been writing ever since I could remember. I didn't pursue it as a serious career until several years ago.  With my family grown and my husband on the road and just having moved into an apartment I found myself with time on my hands.  At one of our book club meetings we were discussing what we regretted not doing with our lives. I mentioned that I had always wanted to be a writer.  Well, that's all it took. One of the members said "It's not too late."
I decided she was right and hence my writing career began.  When I received my first acceptance I could hardly believe it.  My husband almost had to peel me off the ceiling. I mean really I walked around in clouds for days, weeks and I couldn't wait to see my name in print. 
I've had many stories and articles published since then.  Then I started my first novel and started looking for  an agent. 
Funny thing about novels,  Publishers want agented material and agents want published authors. Never ending vicious circle.  
Satin Sheets was my first published.  I like to work on more than one novel or story at a time. Sometimes one hits a snag and when I work on the other it helps keep me fresh.  

"All the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of one small candle." Anonymous