Shadows in the Attic

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During the renovation of her Queen Anne Victorian home, Anna Hughes discovers a hidden room, complete with furniture, a trunk full treasures, including a diary, and shadows hovering over it.

 EXCERPT: I hurried to my room, freshened my lipstick and ran a comb through my hair. I loved my new short hairstyle, even if Ben didn't like it. It didn't take hours to blow dry and style even after a shower. Chad Edwards, the contractor Connie recommended, would be here any minute. I liked the sound of his voice over the phone, all deep and masculine. Besides, he sounded as 
excited about the restoration as I was. I hurried downstairs when the doorbell rang, opened the door, and my mouth darn near dropped open. The sexiest, hunk of a man I ever saw stood in front of me. His dark hair, mussed from the wind, fell over his forehead. Bushy eyebrows topped the bluest eyes I'd ever seen, and he towered over my five foot six height. A complete contrast to Ben's dark, brooding looks. Something jolted inside me, and I swear electricity seared the air between us. Even my arms tingled. Never had a man affected me this way.

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"All the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of one small candle." Anonymous